This is the campaign site for Mummy’s Mask.

This is the Pathfinder Adventure Path modified to take place within my home setting. Rather than Osirian, you are within the Imperial Province of Nekharis (Nekhara)

Osirian = Nekharan

Deities are instead those of my campaign setting. Races are limited to those listed on the wiki here. Other than minor fluff changes, the adventure path remains the same, and all campaign traits and so on are still in play.

You can get the Player’s Guide straight from Paizo for free at this link:

House Rules

Healer’s Kits heal 1d6 hp+1d6/5 pts over DC. Base DC to heal is 15. Healer’s Kits may only be used in this manner once per day.

All ones rolled for hit points and critical damage are rerolled.

Each player rolls 4d6, dropping the lowest roll, seven times and chooses the best six rolls for character creation.

Start with max gold for first level.

Pax Mummy's Mask

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